Updated July 21, 2016


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    I have started compiling a list of all airports in Canada.  If there is a link, you should be able to find it here. I have tried to find links of the airport itself. If I couldn't, I then tried to find the airport operator or just a picture of the darn place. This is all done manually.  If you find an error please let me know.

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    This is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!  I accept no responsibility for errors or omissions. 

    I've been asked to put a listing of aerodromes that have been listed for the first time and that have been removed.

    Click here to see a list of new aerodromes added, removed or had their name changed.


    Here are some interesting facts. In Canada, there are 1,577 aerodromes.  1,208 are airports and 369 are heliports.

    Ontario has the most airports:    289

    Ontario has the most heliports:    107

    Prince Edward Island has the least airports:    3

    Nunavut and the Yukon has the least heliports:    0

    The most northern airport:    Alert, Nunavut    N82 31 04

    The most southern airport:    Pelee Island, Ontario    N41 46 39

    The most westerly airport:    Beaver Creek, Yukon    W140 52 08

    The most easterly airport:   St. John's (Universal) Heliport, Newfoundland & Labrador    W52 43 37

    Airport with highest elevation:   Kananaskis Village Helistop Heliport, Alberta    5027 ASL

    Airport with lowest elevation:    Vancouver/Harbour (Public) Heliport, British Columbia    2 ASL

    Airport with the longest runway:  Calgary International, Alberta    14,000 feet




Alberta 203 96 299
British Columbia 128 77 205
Manitoba 107 5 112
New Brunswick 33 4 37
Newfoundland & Labrador 31 6 37
Northwest Territories 43 5 48
Nova Scotia 22 21 43
Nunavut 35 0 35
Ontario 289 107 396
Prince Edward Island 3 2 5
Quebec 146 41 187
Saskatchewan 139 5 144
Yukon 29 0 29
TOTALS 1208 369 1577


  Airports by Province

Alberta British Columbia Manitoba New Brunswick
Newfoundland & Labrador NWT & Nunavut Nova Scotia Ontario
PEI Quebec Saskatchewan Yukon