Welcome to the Plews personal home page

My name is George Plews and I am a single father of two great kids.  I live in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada.

    November 4, 2004 will be the first night in our NEW HOUSE!!!!!  It was time to move into something bigger than the apartment.  The kids are growing up too fast.  Aidan is looking forward to the upstairs and Bren is still thinking about things while talking about lemon and water benefits.

     I wanted to do this web page for a few reasons.  I wanted to find any Plews’ out there so I can add to my family tree.  I wanted other Plews’ to help each other out and find their ancestors too.  I’m interested in aviation in Saskatchewan and I wanted to get a few links together.  And lastly, I want to show off my family.

     I  added something new.  I want to try and make a complete list of all airports in Canada with a web link and link to Google Maps.   If you know of a link or a correction, you can always email me.

    If you see anything you like or something in this web page that needs improving on, let me know.  Please sign my guest book too!


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